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My tumblr has just become a medium for me to pour out thoughts and feelings. It's become a place for me to reblog shit I want and girls I wish I looked like.

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ready for solar. ☼
UNAVSA-11 Gala #unavsa11

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UNAVSA-11 Gala #unavsa11

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Together Let’s Fly! #cppcampaignteam #unavsa11 #iloveyouladies

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Together Let’s Fly! #cppcampaignteam #unavsa11 #iloveyouladies

There is a huge wasp hive in my backyard.


I’m at the library studying the MCAT book just to see what I do and don’t know.

Freaking out…

  • Slow Dancing In a Burning Room (Acoustic)
Slow Dancing In a Burning Room (Acoustic) by John Mayer
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I want to be serenaded by John Mayer…


I’ve been researching Barcelona a ton and omg… it’s so beautiful. Take. me. there.

Also, I finally finished my outline of classes I will be taking each semester in order to graduate on time AND be able to go study abroad. YUHS. YUHS. YUUUHHHSSS.

And… it looks like I might graduate early???? But I actually don’t wanna do that… lol study abroad twice? YES?

i had this danish today and it was really, really, really good.


me gusta free food.


I looked into the “barcelona” tag on tumblr and all I see are gifs of Neymar and that is totally fine by me… #itsasign 

Literally, I’ve spent the last two days at work configuring which courses I’ll be taking for the next two years in order to be able to go and study abroad AND finish my undergrad within four years.

I’ve been looking into a lot of study abroad programs and I definitely, hands down will now be applying to go for my junior year. 

Just reading about all these things makes me so excited! The only problem is to make sure I graduate on time. Maybe I should have taken some courses during the summer… like physics or something. But no worries, my mind is set and soon I will be in Barcelona. I should also probably brush up on my Spanish since I haven’t even spoken a single lick of Spanish since the end of senior year. OOPSSSS.



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