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My tumblr has just become a medium for me to pour out thoughts and feelings. It's become a place for me to reblog shit I want and girls I wish I looked like.

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ready for solar. ☼

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;__; transcribing this audio piece at work is so hard.

this whole piece is like, inaudible (beginning - end).

holy cow.

My younger siblings slept over at my place along with my friend Solongo and boyfriend and they all decided that it would be fun to go and do nature stuff in Boulder.


We went to the Boulder creek and I totally got scraped up there and because I landed on a Boulder in the creek, I have a huge bump/bruise/thing on my right shin. 

They weren’t satisfied with that, no. Then we had to go hiking in the mountains. *dies* We got to the top before the sunset and as we were going down it got dark and then we got lost and it was scary. There was a random dude who was with us for awhile and then disappeared and that was kinda creepy because I thought he was a serial killer the whole time. Luckily, this girl who was also lost had a flash light and we made it to the bottom. By then I was dead.

Nature is scurrry.

Nature don’t like me.

But I had a good time even though my body is beyond sore today.

you: hey

me: yoooooooo

*end convo*


Boulder VSA photoshoot. #holla #mountains #fordays

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Boulder VSA photoshoot. #holla #mountains #fordays

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Trang girls do it best. 
#1: Kelly
#8: Huyen
#patriots #datsistawork #alwaysremindingmehowunathleticiam

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Trang girls do it best.
#1: Kelly
#8: Huyen
#patriots #datsistawork #alwaysremindingmehowunathleticiam

Typically how selfies go 😜#trouble #selfie

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Typically how selfies go 😜#trouble #selfie

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when you make like $1018 and only get $806 of it cause of taxes.

Dude… thats like 20 hours of work… :’(

being a total gee with my cool barcelona hat.



i’m waiting for my meeting with my advisor…

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A mother’s worst nightmare.

She was preaching

this gave me chills

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Watching Laguna Beach and realizing how stupid this show is, but I can’t stop.

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